Where have I been? Well, let’s see, between starting a new job, being pounded with over 2 feet of snow and then slammed again with another foot ….and taking care of a sick puppy — I’ve been a little busy. 


Freddy is my first pet. If he was a human child, I think I could help if there was a fever, throw up etc. I speak from experience -been up all night with plenty of babies and young kids to know I can handle it (babysitting since I was 12)…but an animal- now that is something I was NOT even slightly prepared for- how could I have been?

It all started my first week of work, Nico was traveling and I was stuck one day, so decided to give doggy day care a try. After getting some good feedback and everyone telling me to stop worrying and “just do it” I had Fred get picked up by a dog service and taken to “day care”.

All seemed fine and well the next day, until I went home for lunch & he threw up…hmmm..was I suspicious? (more than I already was to begin with)… you bet ya!

I just HAVE to share this screen shot of the convo I had with my parents that day when I told them Fred threw up…

Hilarious? Yes? Did it freak me out? mhmm

It only started to worry me (MORE) when he threw up again, hardly touched his food and he had diarrhea that night.

At first, I was convinced that he was just anxious that Nico was gone for a few days – (he threw up the first time we got him when Nico traveled), but now I was starting to think it was something else…so I switched him to a bland diet of boiled hamburger meat (extra lean) and white rice for 3 days (Vet recommended- I called them)

Nothing happened the next day as far as Fred’s bowel movements, so that was good and he was loving the meat and rice diet. Nico came home that night and all seemed well again. Saturday, we went to tour that day care facility and Freddy needed to get “evaluated” for 30 min so we were asked to leave. This was to see how he played with the other dogs that were there.

I didn’t like that.

Nico said I was being crazy.

Anyways, next stop was the groomers. Freddy’s first groom!! 2.5 hours later and we didn’t recognize our dog:

IMG_2346They let us know that he would be shaking his head a lot because they plucked hair out of there…and he shook…a lot.

The next morning, I noticed what looked like dried up blood in his ears – and his diarrhea was back.

We were slammed with a snow storm so we were outside a bit and Freddy was LOVING the snow.. loving it….

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 That night, bad bowel movements returned and no water or food was touched all day. Nico took him to the vet in the AM.

He was given 2 types of medicines- one for the diarrhea and one for being nauseous and he was injected with electrolyte fluid because he was borderline dehydrated. That was ALL the information I got.


I called the vet and asked how his ears looked to her..silence..she FORGOT to look. Not ok.

I took him back after work and we got an ear swap done, came back with a yeast infection- which they treated and he still has the ointment in his ears (stays for 2 weeks)


I asked a million questions to conclude that he must have caught some type of “puppy virus/flu” – things that young kids get from school especially during the colder months. Oh fabulous. $330 later….

He was not in the mood for puppy crazies the rest of the day/night and the following day. It was pretty bad! He just lay there like a helpless, motionless body. My heart broke. Cue the dramatic music…

I left work early the next day after talking to my boss and used a syringe to force water down.  Every 15 min, as Freddy lay on his bed. Finally he stood up, I forced down more water/his pills and I made him boiled chicken and rice- which he LOVED.IMG_2432

He was coming back around by that night and his puppy crazies are finally returning. I am back to not knowing where the matching pair of my shoes have gone…but that’s okay with me.


I was VERY BUSY (not even mentioning all the training and new information I’m being flooded with at work)

A Prius is NOT a good car for the snow.

Goldendoodles have sensitive stomachs and are prone to get ear infections, so, I just ordered this product:093824-808529348_1_640

Highly recommend if you have a floppy ear dog where moisture can build up. I’ll take a video to show you how to use it on your pup.Use it after a bath or anytime your pet could of got a lot of moisture in their ears.

Even if your pet is all up to date on vaccinations, viruses exist for dogs(and cats) – especially puppies as their immune systems aren’t built up yet – same as for children.

I got pet insurance.

Force water (I got the electrolyte infused water from Target) using a syringe if your pet is not drinking for more than 48 hours – better yet- get him injected for electrolyte fluids at the vet.

Always go with your instincts – of course- you can’t shelter a pet or your children forever… I was sheltered by my mom a lot – which was great and I’m healthy and all – but to some extent, children, as well as animals (see Puppy Socialization post) need to get out there in the world, even if you just want to protect them forever, their immune systems will build up and get stronger after being exposed to the world.

Hopefully Freddy’s immune system will boost up and be stronger and he can be back to being our healthy, happy little dood.