De-skunkedFreddy is such a handful!! Week 1 was a BIG adjustment… Between coming home on my lunch break, setting up puppy pads around the house, hand feeding him so he eats his food (He’s getting better now ) The waking up at 11pm , 2 pm and 5Am for “shi-shi” (Polish for Potty) is quite alright with me – since I usually get up myself for the same reason.

Anywayssss, what topped off the week…

We went for a night walk after I came home from work, made dinner while trying to keep Fredster from humping my leg (sigh) and I was a bad, crazy mom. I thought I saw another dog digging near the trash cans left out by a neighbors house – you know, white bushy tail sticking out… you would think it was a dog too? right? just with no leash, hanging out alone? yaaaaaaaaa we got sprayed! cant say I have ever experienced this… but let me tell ya it was scary as fudge! I grabbed Freddy during the spray and got the “mist” of it on myself. My nostrils still are filled with the stench. I panicked, searched the house for tomato juice (none!) but after googling and getting advice from my friend – I loaded the bathtub with vinegar, dish liquid soap and water and in Freddy went. I scrubbed the poor little guy and then wrapped him in towels and took a million annoying photos of it. We called dad ( who was in his grad class) to get us puppy shampoo from CVS.

Poor Freddy had another bath-Oatmeal this time!- when Dad got home.5042813520

Tips to take away from this:

1) Just because you see a furry tail, does not mean it’s a potential animal friend!!

2) Vinegar and water is one of the best approaches to take when sprayed by a skunk. Hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, liquid soap and water is another great home remedy… tomatoe juice is not the best solution for some reason – doesn’t do the job (apparently)

3) The smell will get faint but will linger for 2-3 months whenever your pup gets wet.

Did I learn my lesson? You Bet your Pierogis I did!

bath time