The holidays are upon us – the Thanksgiving to New Year’s season seems to take forever to get here, but then goes by way too fast! It’s the time we forget about our diets because it’s just SO hard when delicious traditional food is all around us – we can’t get away from it. From spending time in the kitchen with family and friends to work holiday parties to simply running errands – the smells of pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha and gingerbread are everywhere.

With that said, I always try to incorporate some healthy options into the feasting to balance out the inevitable overeating and indulging. We are running a 5-miler on Thanksgiving morning as well! I hope my fiance and brother go easy on me this year!  Although I have become a better runner with some of the tweaks I mentioned here.

Here are 10 yummy, must try recipes  … (more…)