I visited with Nico’s ‘Oma’ today (that’s German for grandmother) and we chatted about all the things crochet. She made Freddy (that’s my dog if you are new to my site) a red Christmas stocking that is SO adorable I can’t wait to share it here. I also went over for some German schnitzel and to give her some of the Polish golabki I made the other day (recipe posted early next week). I miss my Babcia all the time (that’s Polish for grandmother) and Oma reminds me SO much of her. My Babcia helped raise me when I was young and both my parents worked – sometimes into the evening. She is the reason I keep my Polish traditions so strong and definitely the reason why I crave McDonald’s breakfast on the reg! {I know, so American of them} but we would go there ALL the time for hash browns and corn muffins and my Dziadzia (that’s grandfather in Polish) continues to get his morning coffee there! SO cute.

When I saw this dress from Free People, it reminded me of grandma’s everywhere! Mine would for sure tell me it was way TOO short and that I needed to wear tights — the print and details is what reminded me of crochet and knitted things and just coziness all around. My shoes I also paired with my jeans and plaid outfit and my watch is an antique Rolex that I found antiquing over the summer in Georgetown, MA.

I get to see my other Babcia (mom’s side) who still lives in Poland next year at my wedding! There is something about waffle print (I’m pretty sure that’s what pattern this dress is) that reminds you of the comfort you feel when you’re with your Oma or Babcia or grandmother <3


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