img_0998— getting used to making myself an office anywhere I go–


— finding a Chicken of the Woods on my daily walk through the forest with Freddy —


— a weekend drive up North to enjoy peak foliage season–


— being selected to be in 2 different movies filming in Boston — actors sure do work long days! 14+ hours, I was drained!–


–and enjoying some poutine pizza (from CheeseBoard SO GOOD!) in Windsor,Vermont at Oktoberfest with Harpoon Brewery

Happy Friday everyone! I am just trying to get used to my new schedule — or should I say being able to make my own schedule! This is all so new to me and I can’t believe I get to make a living doing the things I absolutely love. Being honest, it actually is kind of hard — as much as it is exhilarating and amazing, I find myself a little lost at times, not having someone tell me exactly what is due, or what meeting I have to go to, or when I can take my lunch break. I get to make my own rules and I want to be smart about them! I tend to get into these ADHD moments, where I do a million things, but never finish any of them. So this week, I bought myself an old-fashioned planner so I can write out tasks and goals for each and every day. This got me through college and I loved checking in on my planner to see if I could commit to something else. I write a ton of to-do lists on post-its, but I keep making more and never finishing the other ones. So, a bonded little planner that I can take with me everywhere is just perfect.

I spent a few mornings sipping green tea soy lattes in Starbucks and could not believe how many people were in there on their laptops working just like me. This is such a gift and I cannot wait to only get better at my new happy life. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend – apple picking, fall festivals? Here are some dog friendly events in New England this month. I know we always look if we can bring Fred with us — we love including him on the weekends in our plans. The weather looks perfectly fall. Go and enjoy!

Thank you all for reading and sharing! XO


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