img_6543fThe closer you live to the city, the smaller your yard gets (if you even have one!), the smaller your parking spot gets, (if you’re lucky enough to have one!) the smaller your master bedroom gets and most importantly, the smaller the closet space gets! I was able to live with all the above, minus the closet space! After 3 years of folding and refolding clothes that were all displayed on the guest bed, closing the door from embarrassment of the mess it was when we had company, never being able to find a purse, a shirt, an accessory when I needed it, we decided it was time to invest and turn that guest room into a walk-in closet. We figured that if in the 3 years of owning our condo, we only had a handful of guests stay the night, turning the room into a walk in was a no brainer!
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Where do you begin?

First, I left the room as messy as it was and set up appointments with local closet companies to come and take a look. At first, you want to clean up when someone is coming over, right? I did the opposite here because I wanted the designer to really understand the issue I was having with storage. Letting them see what was all over the floor (bags, shoes, clothes) would give them a better starting point to design the closet.

Second, I did an inventory of what I had. This ultimately lead to donating 4 bags of clothes, shoes, purses, costume jewelry. The reason for this step is to really understand what kind of storage you need. Do you have a lot of dresses that require hanging rods? Do you have a ton of sweaters and t-shirts that you’d prefer to have folded in drawers? How many shoes do you really have? Can you store sandals in pull out baskets or do you need shelving?

Third, we went through the designs, went to showrooms, and analyzed what each section of the closet would be used for.

Fourth, (and this is my budget savvy self here because if it was for Nico, he would have went with the first best option and be done with it) Compare prices and designs! We were quoted almost $5,000 for the small closet space, which is fine if a) you live in your dream home and don’t plan on moving in the next couple years or b) you aren’t saving for a wedding. Neither apply to us.

So I decided we would use the tips from some of the designers but ultimately create our own design using an online Design Tool (we used this one from Home Depot) and have the pieces shipped to our door. We saved around $2,000 by installing the closet ourselves and I think the results speak for themselves! img_7496img_6555img_7514


Of course it would’ve been great to hire a professional to come over and install it in a day, but isn’t there something great about knowing that you can do it yourself!? 🙂 I painted the room when we ordered all the supplies online and it was ready to go when they arrived a few days later!  I’m one very lucky girl to have such a handy man at home! He used his vacation week to build this for me! Hello, Mr. Big!

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If you’d like some more tips or have questions about how we did this, please leave a comment!


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