I wanted to share some of the photos from the last few weeks from celebrating the New Year and a trip up to the mountains with our family.

N and I spent New Years week up in North Conway with my brother and girlfriend skiing. My parents came up right before the blizzard hit and brought Freddy so we could all enjoy some Cross Country skiing together the next day! More about that and what I packed for a ski weekend in this post here.

After New Years, N had organized a trip via Airbnb (get $35 in travel credit with this link) and picked out a big cabin to fit our family and some of my cousins who up until the past year or so, we didn’t see much! It is so nice to reconnect and want to build memories together. We spent the weekend in a gorgeous cabin with views of the ski mountain. We skied all day on Saturday and had a homemade dinner together at night and then hung out by the gorgeous fire place and shared stories and memories.

I have wanted to post SO much more but I got the flu recently and was focusing on getting better so I could fully enjoy all these trips we had. SO I hope you like some photos of the weekend along with some 2017 resolutions. I know, I know, they’re a little cliché, but I think set goals is always a great initiative to buckle down, focus on the big picture and stay motivated 🙂


Some of my 2017 goals – 

Weekly date nights.  When we first met, we were so good about taking regular dates, but with our extremely different schedules we’ve slacked off the past year or so. Once a week I want to have a date – it can even be in our dining room! Just some cell-phone free time to talk about goals, life and always – the trips we are planning.

Eat better.  I have shared in my posts and on Instagram that I really have worked on cleaning up my eating habits. I have gone vegan for a while and have totally got out gluten, but now I just focus on what I am putting into my body each day. I defiantly have some “cheat days” where we order 99 or takeout Chinese food and not think twice, but generally speaking, I really try to eat organic, non-GMO and eliminate as much processed stuff as I can.  I’ve been loving brussel sprouts, making zucchini spirals (with this!) instead of pasta and having fruit (pomegranate obsessed!)  be my go-to dessert when I have that sweet tooth after dinner. With each year I get older (and my metabolism gets slower), it’s becoming more important to me to find nutrients and vitamins in the food I choose to eat. My weight has fluctuated within a 8 lb. range for the past 5 year or so, and I want to be more consistent with my eating choices. I also want to bring out our amazing juicer and have that back into our regular routine again.

Be more organized. With our wedding coming up in just 6 months, I really need to keep things organized at home. Especially now that I work from home, I want to make sure my office space is well maintained. I tend to misplace things all the time and I just want to keep everything neat and put back into its place when I am not using it. I have binders for everything but they need to be organized! I had N take the wedding binder the other day and he didn’t know where to begin. When I worked in corporate and especially when I was in the laboratory, it’s a rule of thumb that anyone should be able to take your lab notebook and be able to recreate an experiment and follow along. I want to make that part of my lifestyle at home too.

Take a wifi-free trip with Nico.  Because I work for myself and Nico is so supportive, we tend to snap photos on every trip or getaway we take. This year I really want to unplug for a trip with him to give him my undivided attention.

Exercise more.  In college I would go to the gym or for a run every single day. I also used to do Taebo on the regular at home (is that still a thing!?). I take a Barre class twice a week currently, but I want to get back into working out more regularly. I have been paying for a monthly gym membership and with my wedding coming up so soon, I want to be in my best shape.

Do you have any of your own resolutions? I’d love to hear! I like to write these down in the beginning of my new annual planner so I can flip back to read them from time to time.

Thanks so much for reading – and here’s to your best year yet! XO –K

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