img_24592— doing wedding things – finally getting the wedding planner and looking at bridesmaid dresses and colors —
— voting for the next president of the USA —img_25052— enjoying a bagel sandwich from my favorite bagel shop and not having to wait in the mile long line for the first time —
img_2442— trying out dog sitting to test the theory that 2 is no different from 1 —
img_26012— making delicious Swedish meatballs and trying out my new Tripod for taking still pictures —


Happy Friday!! What a busy week – It feels like Christmas for some reason to me. I got a Starbucks red cup yesterday and have been playing Christmas music in the house ever since! I was hoping it would get Nico in the mood and he would let me put up a tree already — but no luck.  He’s taking off to South Korea tomorrow for a business trip and I won’t see him until Thanksgiving Eve — I hate when he travels – it is SO hard to get used to living with your significant other but not seeing each other much. Luckily, I have a busy next 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, so I am sure the time will go by quick!  AND the tree will be second on the list when he returns from his trip — that is if I can hold off until then 🙂

Is it too early to put up the tree? The season goes by so fast after Thanksgiving – I just want to prolong it beforehand!

Have a great weekend!


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