Happy Friday!

I am on the Whole30 Reintroduction Phase and had strawberry soy yogurt and coffee with sugar and soy milk this morning. I’m bringing back the legumes today. If you haven’t been following along, the program I just completed can be explained in this book.

Anyways, tomorrow is Aptil 1st and we are getting a SNOW storm later on today into tomorrow morning. WHY!? WHERE IS SPRING? Yesterday it was 50 degrees out and we were able to snap these pics. Today, I’ll be bundled up in my winter gear! 

I have a dental appointment today and I am excited?? YES, I was a dental assistant for 7 years – straight out of h/s – throughout college. I still think about careers in the dental profession every now and then (N thinks I should re-apply to dental schools) and might go back to working at an office PT to get some extra money for the wedding — which is in FOUR months! eeek

back to this post —- Stripes & Gingham! Both are patterns that catch my eye. Gingham is kind of like stripes going both ways – so it must be stripes that I am obsessed with 🙂 Isn’t today National Stripes Day? #Jcrew That’s like my holiday!

I have been trying to wear the ankle grazing hem but I am still not sold on it — It makes me look short-ER? The style is everywhere and I am determined to make them work for me because I have seen so many girls wear them and look beyond adorable. I want that!!

I’m wearing the Hudson Raw Hem in Utopian Jeans (but I also love these and these) and my top is a gingham print Cloth & Stone. I got them both at…. yup Marshalls! But because the store is SO hit or miss, I linked similar ones below. N hates stores like Marshalls & TJMaxx because sometimes they only have one size in a particular style — but for me.. I LOVE THE HUNT! I also got  a new strap for my Michelle watch – a tan color- great for Spring 🙂

We’re heading to NYC tomorrow morning for my FIRST WEDDING DRESS FITTING. Although, well be driving with the snow storm, I am SO excited. It just arrived from HOLLAND and I hope it’s as gorgeous as when I first tried it on a YEAR AGO! #fingerscrossed

I hope you all have a fun weekend! Thank you for reading along. It makes my day! XO,K

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