dsc_00732I live to be in comfortable clothes, but will not let myself be that person that only goes out in sweats. I mean, I do go out in sweats, but honestly I pair them with some wedge booties (in the fall/winter) or cute sandals (in the spring/summer). You can definitely make sweats stylish for everyday wear. My favorite are matching sweatpants and sweatshirt, which must have something to do with my love of rompers.  Nowadays, sweatshirts already come super stylish and can be found in more places than your college bookstore (although a great gift idea! I always get Nico his alma mater matching sweats!) This NYTT cold shoulder sweatshirt has the oh so stylish open shoulders and looks adorable with jeans, leggings, leather, or with this wool skirt from JCREW Factory. My Necklace is actually from Forever 21 that I got years ago. My shoes are FABIANELLI (Italian designer) that I found at Nordstrom Rack at the end of the summer. I happened to find the sweatshirt at TJ MAXX but incase you can’t, here is a direct link to buy it from Revolve. Both have sales today for Cyber Monday, check out my last post for the sale codes. Happy Shopping!
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