I was never a fan of online shopping — my parents never did it when I lived at home, so I guess I just didn’t think it was a good option. Turns out, it’s pretty amazing. I mean not only do most retailers offer Free Shipping, but you can basically buy a bunch of stuff (like clothes or shoes, for example), try them on and ship back what doesn’t fit..for free. It’s kind of genius especially if you don’t like fighting for a parking spot or waiting in long lines in the stores during this holiday rush. There are definitely times that I end up not buying something because of the long line.

SO, I started exploring with online shopping, ever since Nico got signed up for Amazon Prime (w/o knowing about it but we’re so obsessed now!)  For the past year, I have been sending Food Baskets as sympathy gifts to friends or family who are mourning a loss and live too far away — It’s different from the traditional flowers and definitely offers a bit of comfort #comfortfood.

As the Holidays are approaching, these food baskets also serve as amazing gifts – especially when you don’t know what to get someone. I mean, who doesn’t love food or coffee or wine? It’s the perfect time to share with all the parties going on, so it is a perfect gift to bring to share.

I selected some of my favorite food items you can order right from the couch at home:


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1.  Nico is obsessed with gummy bears and I am obsessed with buying organic, so these gummy bears from Organic Merchants Co. were right up my alley when I saw them. (He’ll be getting them in his stocking for sure). They have so many other great organic finds at great prices on their site.

2. Mrs. Fields Cookies: I remember getting these when I was a teenager and got dropped off at the mall to hang out with friends. They were warm and delicious and my friends and I always had to get some when we walked by (unless a cute boy was working, then we’d watch from a distance and come back when he went on break) #teenagegirlproblems

3. If you don’t have a dutch oven, you seriously need to invest in one like the one from Le Creuset. The one I have is the perfect size when your cooking for 1 or 2. I make my favorite tofu scramble in it on the reg, as well as anytime I make soup like the Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup or my light & simple Beet Soup.

4. Hello Fresh: There are SO many meal delivery companies out there now, and I have tried a few of them like Plated and Blue Apron, but the most recent was Hello Fresh. I even got it for my friend and her boyfriend when they first moved in together!  it’s great for recipe ideas and perfect when you want to eat healthy and cook but don’t have the time to look up recipes and go shopping for all the ingredients. I love the variety of this brand and you can even go on their site to pick the recipes/ meals you get for the following week so you don’t have to be surprised if you are more of a picky eater. I have saved the recipe cards from the meals I liked the best so I can re-create them later on! Here is $50 to use on your first HelloFresh order. Use the Code FALL50HFT by the New year.

5. This mug from Love with Food is perfect for anyone who loves and lives with the ultimate foodie! On the site, you can actually order all kinds of snacks for $8/month. What I love the most is that for every order, the company donates to a food bank.

6. Nuts.com: My dad (and well my whole polish family) is obsessed with nuts! He orders an entire bucket of them each year around the holidays. If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ll notice that I constantly am drinking water with either walnuts or almonds sitting inside of it! It adds more nutrition to the water and the nuts after taste AMAZING. You got to try it. Nuts.com carries bulk nuts, snack mixes, dried fruits, candies & sweets, teas & coffees, and cooking & baking foods by the pound. All the essentials for your Holiday baking, snacking and gift giving 🙂

7. Harry & David boxes are out of this world. My cousin sends my grandparents a box of their famous fruit every holiday season, and I remember sneaking over to their house when I was a little kid and snagging those infamous pears. The taste is out of this world. I just noticed that you can get a basket with cheese, fruit, and bread and even have them pair it all with wine.. uhmm yes!! Sounds like my kind of night. Use Code20 to get 20% off select items.

8. I love chocolate, everyone knows that. But I am a little bit of a snob when it comes to what kind. Ghirardelli and Lindt are by far my favorites! They are WAY better than Hershey’s (which I’m not a fan of) and not that much more expensive. Right now, Ghirardelli.com is offering $5 off shipping through Dec, 5th.

Have you sent anyone a food gift basket before? Or received one yourself?

Thanks for reading XO, K

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