dsc_14052Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has had a great week and is looking forward to the weekend! Ladies, it’s Patriots Bye Week, so it’s your chance to get your man out this Sunday for some fall activities! Take advantage of it! There is still plenty of foliage to see. 

Many many leaves have fallen already though, which makes for a beautiful colorful pathway on the my daily walk with Freddy through the forest. Beware though, as fun as it may be kicking the leaves or picking up a bundle to throw (great photo-op!), many of these leaves are moist from the heavy rain we got which is a perfect recipe for harvesting ticks!  Make sure to check your dog and yourself for these nasty bugs!  Even if your dog has flea/tick treatment, the ticks will most definitely still be all over hovering on their hair/fur. And if you have a goldendoodle like myself or any other fluffy hair dog, GOOD LUCK! I picked out about 12-14 different size ticks from Freddy after our walk the other day.

I have become quite the pro at removing them too. Mama bear kicks in and I snatch them off of him without thinking about it — grab the critter using 2 fingers as if you were pinching them and throw away(flush them!). If the tick is embedded in your dog already, you need to make sure to remove the entire tick from the skin. I have done it instinctively with my pinching method, however that is not the best approach as it could break and be left in the skin SO here is a video that shows you how to do it properly. The reason Freddy had a tick inside his skin in the past was because I was trying out natural tick remedies but they clearly did not keep the ticks from getting in. Luckily, I check him daily so the tick was not there too long.


I love wearing rompers or matching tops and bottoms. I always add a sweater, purse or a scarf in a different color to add some contrast though! I’m wearing my Joe’s jeans again with my J-Crew jeans shirt and my cardigan that I have worn with every outfit this week! It’s just so soft and the color goes with absolutely everything. My mom just got me these Dolce Vita dark gray booties she found at Marshalls! All my other boots have the little flap in the back bitten off from when Freddy was a puppy and chewed them off! So I was due for some new boots. Thanks Mom!


Hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend!!



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