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How to dress for a Thanksgiving 5K

Tomorrow, I am running the annual Thanksgiving Day 5K and it’s supposed to be the coldest day we’ve had so far this season. I was planning on only wearing the long sleeve shirt I got when signing up and my Nike Pro warm tights aka leggings, but with the temps hanging around 30°F with a chance of light snow, I will need to think about layers and warmer accessories.

Layers are key. I am going to wear my midi bra (it’s longer so it looks like a crop top) (from Target) and gives you more warmth, an under armour layer, (more…)

Plaid dress w/ pockets: great option for a Thanksgiving Day outfit.


As I mentioned in my hostess gift ideas post, I am definitely a last-minute person when it comes to…well just about everything. I promised Nico that I would plan the day before if we have an event to attend and get everything ready to go –wrap the gift, prep the dish, make arrangements for the dog if he can’t go and most importantly know what I am wearing! I feel like I get better each time, but I will admit I still struggle when it comes to an outfit and end up changing 5 times before putting on the original outfit and then we are always leaving 10-15 minutes late. (more…)

Sweater dress & Election Day 2016

I am loving this weather lately. It’s the second week of November and although it could snow any day now, the bright sun shining and the 60 degree days are pretty amazing. I’m not a fan of the cold at all and anyone that knows me knows I would rather be smoldering hot than be cold. All the layers in the world just don’t work– basically my fingers and toes get so unbearably cold that I can’t handle it! I have bad circulation so I have yet to find something that works well for those long amounts of time outside (dog parks, skiing, hiking, football games). I need hand warmers for each individual finger and toe warmers for each individual toe. I should get myself those gloves that have that ability – has anyone tried them? (more…)

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