I have been wanting a navy coat that I can wear with sweats to run some quick errands and also that I can dress up for a date night and this quilted sleeve coat works for both scenarios. When I saw it was on sale, I had to get it for myself! (Don’t worry, if you read my last post, I didn’t buy it this year — I actually bought it in December as a Christmas gift for myself!) But now it’s even more discounted at 50% off, I wish they had more colors 🙂
My friend and I took these photos last week when it was 57 degrees out, so this pink short sleeve sweater didn’t seem so crazy even though there was snow on the ground. Today, however with gusts of 50 mph winds and 20 degrees, forget about it! The coat would NOT have come off. It’s crazy here in New England with the weather, but I kind of like it that way — we can have a snow storm one day and the next day, we can be out in t-shirts #confusing

Also, what is everyone doing for Valentine’ Day tomorrow? This is the third year that N and I are apart for V-Day so I tend to forget when the day comes. One year, he was in Ireland, last year in India and this year, he’s up presenting at a work off-site way up in NH. N always sends me flowers to surprise me so I know he’s thinking of me and we have a v-day makeup night planned for next week 🙂 (dinner + Celtics game — basketball is by far my favorite sport to watch, so I cannot wait!!)

I plan on spending the day/night with my parents and brother, and of course my other valentine, Freddy. My dad always makes us chocolate covered strawberries and this year, I decided we were going to make strawberry kluski. I can’t wait to share the recipe first thing tomorrow morning (so make sure to check back) — it’s one of my favorite childhood recipes that my grandma used to make us 🙂

I got this pink short sleeve sweater on sale in J-crew a few months back and also snagged it in two other colors. My jeans are Joe’s and I’ve worn them in a bunch of my outfit posts. My sunglasses are also from J-crew and the shoes; my mom got me a couple of years ago when I told her I was dating an amazing guy and needed some date-night shoes 😉 Nothing is really new in this photo except the jacket, so I linked similar items for each of them at the end of this post. 

Shop the look:

jacket: exact one here, similar one & it’s 33% off! | sweater shirt: similar one (30% off) and here (comes in 11 colors), luxe one | jeans: similar ones here and here | sunglasses: similar ones here and here | shoes: similar ones here and here

I hope everyone has a lovely week and a Happy Valentine’s Day, no matter how you spend it 🙂 Red wine, chocolate and some Netflix is always a great choice.#justsayin



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